The Fashion Scrubs

Nursing wear has indeed undergone a revolution. It used to be just plain white or blue colors but now, nursing and medical professionals who are out seeking the perfect fashion scrubs might find themselves undecided since the designs are assorted and the colors are

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Is Fashion Your Passion? If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a successful designer, read on to learn more about how you can realize your dream and become a fashion designer. The three most fundamental skills required to become a fashion designer are: sewing, drawing,

5 Fashion Mistakes You Should Never Make

Individual style should be applauded. It takes guts, personality and confidence to pull off certain looks, and anyone who expresses their individual style with gusto should be proud. But there are a few fashion no-no’s that should really be avoided at all costs, because,

Emo Fashion – Head to Toe

Emo fashion is now a major trend for many high school students and those freshly out of high school. Emo has defined a new genre with tight jeans and interesting hair styles. Though emos claim that they typically go against the grain, you have

All About Fashion

What is fashion? It’s about how you dress yourself and the manner on how you carry the dress. It’s on how you style your clothes, cosmetics and also your behavior. Fashion is always changing, it has the power to transform an image and make

Fashion Design Internship

The impressive growth of the fashion industry and the resultant intense competition in the market has made fashion design internship immensely significant. It is significant not only for the candidates seeking internship in different companies, but also for the companies taking them. The objective

Fashion Chain Wallets

Usually a wallet is one kind of small bag which is used to bear money, credit card, personal identity such as driving license and many other important things. On the other hand chain wallet is that kind of wallet which is attached to metal